Rename Preview or not depending on rename preset?

I have a F-key that adds the modified date to a file name
from * > to: *-{modifieddate|D#ddMMyyyy}
a F-key that adds modified date&time to a file name
from: * > to: *-{modifieddate|D#ddMMyyyy} {modifiedtime|T#HHmmss}

In the 1st case the modified date is added without rename preview
In the 2nd case a the rename preview is shown, although, same as the 1st, there is 'ADVANCED SHOWPREVIEW' .
Except fot the modified time I do not see any difference.

Q: is it correct that the rename preview shows up in the 2nd case?


The dialog appears because the second command is invalid.

Arguments containing spaces need to be in quotes.

Sorry, I don't understand. You mean:
*-"{modifieddate|D#ddMMyyyy} {modifiedtime|T#HHmmss}"

When pasting this, the quote do not show up.
Manually adding is impossible.

What are the actual commands your hotkeys are running? The ones in your post can't be accurate as they don't include "Rename" and have ">" in them.

Found it! Matter solved.
Background: I have a template around my F-keys, showing what Opus action they do, the F-keys, the Shift-F keys. One day I lost the template, so I wasn't sure anymore what F-key is doing what, so, for convenience sake, I created a toolbar dropdown button listing all these keys (and descriptions).
Hence in settings the key in question was listed twice in settings. One with and one without the ''ADVANCED SHOWPREVIEW' .
Deleted the dropdown button. Things are and work fine now.

FWIW only.