Rename question

O.k., I've been prompted to look a bit more into Opus rename facilities, :wink: and I immediately have one question that, hopefully, has a straightforward answer: Quite often, I will want to rename files using a file information field, and most of the time, for me, that will be a date field. That's fine, Opus offers that option, but, unfortunately, I don't like the format of the time string in there, which is coming out as something like 01;02;03. (Semicolons?? Really???...)

So, what if I want to have the time string format as, say, 01-02-03, or 01.02.03, or anything but semicolons as separators? Can this be done, without writing a rename script? If I need a rename script, where would be a good place to find examples?

Maybe the manual? :slight_smile:

Did you notice that this forum has a Rename Scripting section? You will immediately find this thread (showing an example of how to define the date format) there:
[url]Add the current date and time to a file's name]
You'll also find lots of threads presenting rename codes for every need so you can do your frequently used rename tasks with a single click on a button.

Don't overlook the manual, though. It answers this exact question. :slight_smile:

But why would you read the manual when you could post on the forum? :slight_smile:

If you want people to read the manual maybe there should be hidden prizes inside it or something. :slight_smile:

Who said there aren't!!?

Oh, so you're giving me the "RTFM"? :laughing:

Well, after taking a look I must say that's fair enough... :blush:

Yes, right after I had posted I suddenly saw that. You're absolutely right, that section is invaluable.

Yeah, just rub it in. :unamused:

Seriously, though, in addition to the manual, your extremely informative posts are a treasure trove. I had to tell you this, sorry. :wink: