Rename > Remove x chars from left/right

In the early DO-times I had commands for removing x chars from left and right from filename. For example "05. Test.mp3" > remove 4 from left > "Test.mp3".

I don't know why, but I don't have them anymore in my config. Could someone please create them? Thanks.

It's easy to do, and I think there are posts in the Rename Presets area that cover it, but you don't really need it these days.

In the rename dialog, make sure Use preview list to build macros is turned on and then, just under that, just click on the first file's New Name in the preview list and edit it. If you delete a few characters fro the start of it, the same will be done to every other file, and you can see the results as you type.

I found out for myself why I removed the comnands... as you said, Leo, thanks and sorry, I really didn't use that feature for a long time and just forgot how to do.

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