Rename selected file in left to selected file in right

I've tried to enter the following command :

RENAME {file$} TO={filedest$}

but it doesn't work.

Anyway I can rename a file/folder in the source lister to the selected name in the destination lister?
I wanted a quick button to do this, as I rename a directory correctly in one place, but then I need to rename the directory in the other place as well.

Removing the = makes it work in most cases:

Rename {file$} TO {filedest$}

I think the = combined with automatic filename quoting was confusing things, resulting in "TO=file name" instead of TO="file name".

But here is a better way to do it, which will work even if either of the names happen to be valid arguments to the Rename command:

@nofilenamequoting Rename FROM="{file$}" TO="{filedest$}"

Thanks. That works