Rename selected files with a prefix - nothing fancy

Why is there not a dead-simple, clear and intuitive way in the file renaming to simply add a prefix to a file name?!

I have wasted so much time googling "directory opus rename add prefix". If I switch over to the mac, it's the simplest thing in the world.

Can someone please just explain how to prefix and append rename in DO, simply?


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  1. Select files to rename
  2. Click Rename on the Operations toolbar; the Rename dialog will popup
  3. Enter * in "Old name" field
  4. Enter prefix * in New name field (prefix is whatever you want)
  5. You can check result in lower part of Rename dialog prior to clicking apply

Here's an example of the Rename dialog:

Thank you Chuck!

Two separate issues here:

  1. First is my gratitude to Chuck for your kind - and fast! - support. The fact we have such responsive users to help on the forums is incredibly appreciated.

  2. Second is my disbelief that I had to spend this much time, and Chuck had to spend his valuable time to help me, figuring out one of the most common renaming tasks in the world of personal computing!! It should not take syntax knowledge to complete this task, it should be clear & intuitive. There must be countless users out there who heard DO is the best, yet are banging their heads on the keyboard feeling like idiots because they can't figure out this simple thing!

I get like 150 notifications to update DO a week - can just adding simple prefix & append to file names for dummies bump to the top of the list? ffs.

Again, Chuck, appreciate you.

An even easier way can be seen at 8m33s in the Opus 13 highlights video (it works in Opus 12 as well):

Not sure it could be any easier than that!

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Prepend from clipboard.dcf (322 Bytes)
This buttons prepends text from the clipboard and adds - (space, hypen, space) before the name. Adjust to taste.

You can push Ctrl+Shift+V into the New Name column at the bottom of the Rename dialog to paste the clipboard text into all filenames at once. No need for a script to do that.

(If you forget and use Ctrl+V there by mistake, it’ll remind you to use Shift, but also still works unless you’ve copied part of the names already. Ctrl+C, X and V work on each name individually there, to let you move things around multiple names at once using simple text editing.)