Rename Toolbar only has rename and use simple rename

how do i get advanced rename options - used to be the default - thx for reading

Perhaps you clicked on "Use Simple Rename":


Klick again on "Use Simple Rename" and then you have the Advanced Rename back.

There is no Rename toolbar by default. Do you mean the Rename button-menu, or are you using some other toolbars (e.g. the DearOpus toolbars)?

If you toolbar/button/menu looks like the one in DOped_User's screenshot, but without the list of presets, that might be because the menu item which adds the list of presets has been deleted, or it might be because all the presets have been deleted. Do you see any presets listed on the left of the Rename dialog?

mine looks exactly like this

mine looks just like the image above - by accident i notice if select some files and click on the rename button without going into the drop down menu the advanced rename option becomes available - was that the way it always was? i`m convinced my opus has been acting differently in recent weeks!

If you mean the Rename dialog opens, it has always done that, unless Simple Rename was chosen in the same button/menu.

If the presets aren't included in the menu, but are listed in the dialog, then resetting the toolbar to the factory defaults is the quickest way to get the presets back. This is assuming you have not (intentionally) made any other changes to the toolbar which you don't want to lose. (If you have, let us know, and we can provide alternative steps.)

To reset the toolbar, find an empty space on it, then right-click it and choose this option: