Rename using metadata and time formats


I'd like to consolidate my holiday pictures taken with different devices and rename them in a way that every picture gets its unique name. I've tried the following pattern:


My issue now is, that my good camera is able to take several pictures during the same second which leads to the same name
Is there a placeholder for milliseconds I could use? If possible I'd rather not use a hash in the file name.

Thanks for help and/or ideas

There's a checkbox in the Rename dialog to automatically rename if the filename exists. Turning that on should make things work, and will put an extra number at the end, before the extension.

(At least in Opus 12. I don't have 11 to hand to check if it was the same, and the rename dialog has changed a lot between the two. If you're still stuck, please shout.)

Thanks Leo, that option also exists and works in Opus 11!