Rename video from field: Media created?


I tried to rename video make by Ciname FV pro software on my cell phone to create date and time file.

I already success to rename image follow this:

With video, it is not possible to rename from exactly this field property on my file:

I only success to rename follow created date like this:

How to rename my video file follow exactly "Media Created" date on Origin field?

Thanks you so much!

This will be the field {releasedate}, available in versions 12.19.5 and up.


This is my version but it doesn't work:


12.19 (the latest stable version) is older than 12.19.5 (the latest beta version which lxp mentioned).

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Thanks you so much! I just test beta version and it seam it doesn't work.

Try Standard Rename instead of RegEx.

I didn't see different:

Ah, ok, now I see what you mean... the date/time formatting is off... did a quick test and saw the same. I'd say this is a bug.

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Also, there is only the DATE field, not the TIME media created as well. The time field is important too, cause that's pretty much the only way to know when some videos have been shot.
This parameter also doesn't seem to be able to be available as a column (columns/movies/???) which would be useful.

How do i report this bug to Leo?

Not really necessary to create extra noise. Leo sees everything. And then some :wink:



Coming in 12.19.6:

  • The Release Date column now behaves like a normal date field; it shows time as well as date (except for MP3 files) and date/time formatting codes will work with it when renaming.


I use Release date but i found it is little different like this screenshot:

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A fix for that will be in the next beta.

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