Renaming a file in preview

In the previous version(6) of DOpus, (eval) I do rename the files when they was in a preview status of AdobePDF.

In the new version (8) a message pop up and decline the renaming of the file, and refere to the status 'used by an other aplication'

Mybe this is a result of moving from the old to an newer file database inside DOpus

But the main thing of bying this software (Dual install) was the possibility og renaming in a preview status.

??? Any idea ??? :sunglasses:

Renaming works for me using the current version of Directory Opus and View.

If you have the Adobe Acrobat reader/program open externally with that pdf loaded then DOpus won't let you rename the pdf file however. That's to be expected.

Nothing has changed here between 6 and 8. I believe that what you are seeing is not actually an Opus issue but a Windows issue. If a file is 'locked' by some external application then it is just not possible to perform commands such as rename etc.

To clerify more...
Are you able to open a folder with *.pdf files, clic on one to preview, in the right pane, and then clik again to do a renaming of the file. (Do not open the file in Acrobat)

Then I get the error message.

The prosess have no acess to the file, the file is in use by an other prosess. (32)

Is that normal ?

Are the PDF files being viewed by the ActiveX Document viewer or the PDF-ActiveX viewer?

In Opus 6 there was only the PDF-ActiveX viewer, and maybe the ActiveX Document viewer behaves differently for some reason.

Go to Preferences and check the order the plugins are listed. Put PDF-ActiveX at the top and see if it makes any difference.

NOP...The same error is there.Even if I have the PDF-ActiveX only activated on top.

Are you able to reproduce the error in Melbourn?
My aim is to do a renaming when the preview is shown in the right pane. I do scanning of documents for an CRM system, and need speed for this item.

It's likely that Acrobat/Adobe Reader is locking the file, rather than Opus itself.

I'd guess that either Reader has changed or it's something different about the file in question. (e.g. Maybe if the PDF file is tiny then Reader will load the whole thing into memory and close the file, but if it's large it will keep the file open in order to read it in chunks.)