Renaming Collections - Folder Format


when renaming a collection from within the folder tree on the left side, by pressing F2, I'm loosing the previously applied folder format for this collection.

Obviously this is due to that the Path Format I've created for this collections still holds the old collection name...

Would it be possible to keep the format? Maybe as an enhancement for DO, 'cause I guess this "feature" is not yet possible.


Try using wildcards for the collections format, e.g. coll://*.

Works perfectly well! Thanks!

However, this still leaves the question why renaming collections from the folder tree, does not rename them in folder formats. It's not a big deal but an automatic process would be fine, though.

Folder Formats are presets and get applied to e.g. collections. They are the formatter, the collections are the formattee (if that's a word :wink: ).

More on the subject:!Documents/Folder_Formats1.htm

This is my understanding, too.

However, I noticed after renaming a collection in the folder tree, the collection immediately lost its format. This means for me, the link between the collection and the folder format must be stored somewhere. Hence my conclusion: a follow up renaming of the format, after the collection, should be possible, too.

Found a much more useful option: There is already a folder type format "Collection" which can be modified and this is one is automatically applied to all of my collection just as expected :slightly_smiling_face: