Renaming files with same name in flat view

In the new features of DOpus 8.2, it states that if a music folder has a "folder.jpg" or "coverart.jpg" (the album cover) in it, a CD case is displayed in thumbnail view.
Well, that works like a charm... except that all my albums covers are named "cover.jpg".

From the root of my albums collection, I'd like to rename all "cover.jpg" in subfolders to "coverart.jpg".

I tried to switch to flat view, select all "folder.jpg" files with a wildcard and rename them, but the rename dialog opens for every file. As I have about 150 folders, I want to rename them all at once rather than manually renaming the files 150 times.

Is there an easy way to do that ?

BTW, if DOpus would recognize other names for album covers ("cover.jpg", "front.jpg", eventually a user-defined list of names) in a future version, it'd be great.

Use the Rename files in selected sub-folders option in the Advanced Rename dialog.

Hmmm, that doesn't seem to work. :frowning:

Let's say I want to rename all "cover.jpg" to "folder.jpg" in every subfolder.

Here is what I'm doing :

  • in a lister displaying folders which each contain a file "cover.jpg", I switch to flat view
  • I select all the "cover.jpg" files
  • I click on my Rename button, which brings the Rename dialog
  • In "old name" is "cover.jpg", in new name I put "folder.jpg" and I tick the "rename files in selected subfolders"

Then, only the first file is renamed, the dialog opens again for the second file and I have to re-enter the name, tick the option again, etc.

Anyway, I found a way of renaming my files : when all are selected, if I rename using wildcards ("cover*.jpg" to "folder*.jpg"), it works without having to tick the subfolders option.
But I'd be interested to know what is wrong in the above example and when the subfolder option has to be used.

And BTW, I may have found a bug in the rename dialog, I'll create a subject in the appropriate subforum.