Renaming fonts to full name

I think it would be a nice addition an option in the advanced file renamer option (or under the tools menu) that allows to rename the font .ttf to the full font name, a more readable form than the 8+3 style


Then you'll end up with two copies of many fonts the next time you install Word or another program which comes with fonts. :slight_smile:

However, if Opus could add a "Font Name" column when in the Fonts directory (like Explorer does) then that would solve the problem. It could be triggered by the content detection system. (i.e. A directory with lots of .fon and .ttf files would automatically add the Font Name column).

installing word??? never, never, never.... only open office..... (and still waiting for the new release candidate :wink: )

what i was meaning was renaming .ttf intended for creating fonts collection to be burned on cd or kept somewhere, i was not thinking on the system fonts currently installed...


I don't really think that renaming fonts is a feature that would be logicial to see in DOpus. I guess the possibility to display the fonts name (instead of their file name) rather than renaming them would be better.

When it comes to managing a font collection, there are a few pieces of softwares (either freeware, or commercial ; Suitcase, from Extensis, is a great font manager, although quite expensive, but it's usually professionals such as graphic designers that need to manage a huge number of fonts) that are far more appropriate than Explorer / DOpus.

This seems like a good, free font manager, if anyone's interested:

The Font Thing

The Font Thing is indeed a good font manager.

If you're looking for a simple tool that rename font files according to their real name, have a look at Fontrenamer :

It does the job well but lacks in options (no command line).

I strongly support the request for including this function into DOpus. I bought DOpus to have a "swiss army knife" able to cope with my file managing need. I hate having to resort to other dedicated filemangers everytime I want to deal with fonts or others file formats. :frowning:

By the way, support for .otf font format is a must have as this is the new standard since windows 2000.