Renaming help

renaming the files is not the issue...I know if i highlight a group of files and click the rename button, the dopus dialog pops up. But if i do the same and right click and select rename on the selected files, i get the standard windows rename dialog...

is there a way to change that?

Joe Griffin

The toolbar button and the context menu run different commands. You can create a context menu option for 'All files and folders' that runs the same command as the rename 'button'. If you go to Settings->File Types you should see 'All files and folders' under the 'Directory Opus File Types' header.

  • double click on it, and go to the 'Context Menu' tab
  • select New and in the 'Action' field type a name for the command as you want to see if when click RMB (right mouse button).
  • in the 'Type' drop down, select Run an Opus function (not supported in Explorer)
  • in the 'Edit' window at the bottom, paste the following command for starters:


This should get you started... From here you can also bring up the rename dialog in a defined preset if you find you often use particular rename patterns etc etc.

Also, take a look at Nudel's great Opus tutorial:

[url]Getting to know Directory Opus (tutorial and introduction)]