Renaming in Script Mode

I read the sparse documentation in the included help file, and I did a search here - can't seem to find what I'm looking for ...

I'd like access to the File Field information (artist, bitrate, codec, etc) during my script coding - but it wouldn't appear that this is available (or at least, not from what I see).

I guess my question is:

Can you access the File Field information from the script? If so, how? If not, could this be added?

I'd like to write scripts for multi-level complex conditional type renames, but many times I need the File Field information to do that.

I do understand that you can set up some of this BEFORE the script runs (using the standard dialog above the script), but that won't always be convenient for my needs.

Any information - much appreciated!

You can do it but it's currently a bit of a kludge.

See [Complicated renaming) for details.

In a future version we will add an object to the script that has all of the metadata information for the file.

Very good -- I'd kinda figured out that kludge method on my own -- was just hoping for something more elegant.

Patience is a virtue. :slight_smile: