Renaming MKV files with RegEx

I have a passel of MKV files titled in this format -- " show title - ep number - ep title - TV channel.mkv " -- and I want to rename them to show only the episode number and title. An example would be:

CURRENT: " Howdy Doody - s07e25 - Clarabelle Chews Her Cud - ch56.3.mkv "

DESIRED: " 07-25 Clarabelle Chews Her Cud.mkv "

I've read the instructions and tried repeatedly to learn regular expressions, but I have no earthly idea how to write a RegEx to do this. Can someone give me a leg up? Thanks.

Parameters for the Advanced Renamer:
Mode: Regular Expressions
Old name: (.*) - s(\d\d)e(\d\d) - (.*) - (.*)
New name: \2-\3 \4
Ignore extension: checked

BTW, there's still an item on your to-do list:

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I'm interested in using this expression too, but on my system it wipes out the file extension. I suspect this is because I'm still on version 11 and don't have that "Ignore Extension" checkbox. Can this be tweaked to run without it?

May have solved it myself. This seems to work.

OLD NAME: (.*) - s(\d\d)e(\d\d) - (.*) - (.*)(\..*)

NEW NAME: \2-\3 \4\6

You probably forgot to check "Ignore extension" as lxp mentioned.

I'd have checked it if I could, but version 11 doesn't have that "Ignore Extension" option, as per my first post above. It has instead an "Include Extension" option, but that gets greyed out when regular expressions are selected.

Please link your account, as asked a couple of times already (once above in this thread). That would have told us you were using Opus 11 and helped avoid a lot of wasted time on all sides.

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