Reorder tabs with hotkey (shift tabs left or right in a single display, not dual)

Hi guys,

I see one old post in the forum asking this, but it had no answer. Is there any way to move a Folder Tab left or right within its file display using a the keyboard? I know you can move the tab to the left or right display in Dual Display, but for those of us who hate taking our hands from the keyboard to reach for the mouse, reordering tabs within a display would be awesome!

Thanks much,
Bruce Clemence

Yes, create hotkeys for Go TABPOS=+1 and Go TABPOS=-1

Good grief, so simple! I swear I diligently searched both the forum and Help before posting. I even went through the long list of arguments for Go, but somehow missed TABPOS.

This is awesome news for me, since in my workflow I reorder tabs routinely. I've used DO for I guess fifteen years or so and tell everybody about it, but have never tried seriously to find out how to do this [:-p), though it's been in the back of my mind for years.

As always, congrats on the fabulous Directory Opus. There's no software I know of that's so elegantly designed, brilliantly documented, and zealously supported. And dollar for dollar it crushes any app I've ever seen for value.

Thank you so much for the rapid reply. All the best,

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