Repeated crashes when uploading via FTP

I am getting a repeatable crash when uploading and queuing files to upload via the FTP function.

Error: 0xC0000005 in thread "dopus_ftp" at address 0x00007FF6F14BBE4A

Connection method: Secure SFTP via SSH (Port 22)
PC: Windows 10
Directory opus v. 12.24, build 7846

Steps to reproduce:

  • In one lister I connect to the FTP server
  • In another lister, I have source folders
  • I select the file to copy, and click "Copy" - this starts the FTP transfer (and new status window pops up)

Since the transfer is relatively slow to this server, I queue additional transfers,

  • Navigate to a new subfolder in the FTP server lister
  • Navigate to a new subfolder in my source lister
  • Select the next file, click Copy. It is added to the queue.
  • Repeat the above 3 steps several times to queue additional files.

After maybe one or two files have been copied, it crashes with the above error, and prompts to restart.

On my previous PC (Directory Opus 12.18, Windows 7), the above procedure always worked perfectly.

Is a crash log produced?

Yes - I've just found the dump files and emailed them to

Many thanks! I've send a new test version via email.