Replace a set of parentheses with a single dash


I would like to rename files that are structured as follows:

[Genre] Title (Subtitle).mkv
[Genre] Title - Subtitle.mkv

I have tried: (.*)([\(\)]+)(.*)# to \1- \3

But the issue is that the "-" gets repeated.

Many thanks in advance.

Parameters for the Advanced Renamer
Mode: Regular Expressions
Old name: (.*) \((.*)\)
New name: \1 - \2
Ignore extension: checked


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Many thanks for your answer, it works indeed.

If I may, is there a way to only apply it to alpha chars ?

That is: If it's [Genre] Title (subtitle).mp3, then apply the change. But, if the filename is: [Genre] Title (03.09.2023).mp3, then keep the parentheses ?