Replace a string of characters + Renaming tag titles from file name


I have 2 questions here :

  1. Is it possible to rename in series a string of characters in all the file names of a folder ?

  2. Is it possible to rename all movie titles (tags) of a folder based on their respective file names ?

Many thanks in advance !

Yes. Look here!Documents/Find_and_Replace.htm

and here!Documents/Programmatic_setting_of_Metadata.htm

Huge thanks Ixp ! I'm gonna study this in detail :slight_smile:

Have a great day ! :slight_smile:

I've read about "SetAttr META" which looks appropriate if I want to set the tag titles of my movie files the same as the file names.
However, I don't know what and where I should do this once I've selected the files. Is it in the Metadata Pane ? I didn't find anyway.
Is it the correct way if I go in the title field in the Metadata Pane and type this ?
SetAttr META copyfrom: ,

Oops, the command I typed didn't show, must be conflicting to use some symbols here lol. I could send a picture and I don't find the way to do that sorry.

Thanks in advance !

Ideally you put the command into a button so you don't have to type it every time, especially since this one is a bit longer.

@sync:dopusrt /cmd SetAttr {filepath} META "title:{file|noext}"

Filename to Title.dcf (433 Bytes)

Well, it's a bit too expert for me. I didn't think it needed to go that deep to get this result (even if after, with the button, it's an easy process). I'll keep this to show to a friend who will surely do this easily.

Many thanks Ixp, I appreciate ! :slight_smile: