Replace Explorer enabled, but Win7 Start>explore opens WinEx


I just upgraded to Win7 and I am running DOpus 9.5 (I have been since Vista).

In Vista, Windows Explorer was pretty much fully replaced by DOpus. This included when I clicked on the Start button then selected the "Explore" or "Explore all users" options.

But now in Win7, selecting "Explore" launches Windows Explorer and not my beloved Dopus! :cry:

I have the Replace Explorer option still selected (as it was under Vista) and I even tried a full uninstall and reinstall, but Windows Explorer still opens from the "Start > Explore..." menu.

What do I need to do to have the same experience as I did in Vista, where practically all calls to Windows Explorer would open DOpus instead?


Not sure what you mean by Start -> Explore. Could you post a screenshot showing what you're clicking on?

(I remember in XP and maybe Vista you could right-click the start menu and choose Explore or similar options to open the start menu folder but that's gone in Windows 7. You can right-click All Programs within the start menu, as well as the folders below it, but for me that has options within it which open Opus just fine.)

Yeah, what I meant under Vista was right-click on the Start and then select "Explore" or "Explore All Users" from the popup menu.

In Vista that would launch DOpus, but in Win7, it is launching Windows Explorer!

Like I said, I've uninstalled and reinstalled, but Windows Explorer keeps launching, even if I select "Replace explorer for all windows" in the settings for DOpus.

I see it now. What you're describing only happens if the start menu folder you right-click exists in both the user profile and the All Users profile. Seems like the shell is displaying a special context menu for those folders.

If you right-click one that's only in the user profile's start menu then you get a standard folder context menu which includes the option to open the folder in Opus.

Don't know if there's a way for Opus to hook into the special context menu. Until now I had never seen it before.

Wow! I discovered something new?! :laughing:

Well, I'm glad to hear that the behavior is normal and that I wasn't missing something.

But on that note, before I create a new thread, what about search? I used to right-click on a folder and select "Search..." and it would bring up the DOpus search window. Now when I do that, it brings up the Windows Search. Is this also normal for v9.5?


See here about the Search menu item:

[Windows Search)

Thanks for the reference, but I do not know where to put those commands. I was just playing around in Settings | Customize | Context Menus, but I couldn't see where I would edit and add the commands you mentioned.

Context menus for files & folders can be edited via Settings -> File Types (then open the All Folders item near the top in this case).

Ok...thanks very much!