"Replace Explorer for all but the following folders" - suggestion

We have a document archive that incorporated with Explorer. It is mounted like a drive, and I can browse through the "folders". I have added the Drive under "Replace Explorer for all but the following folders" and it opens fine with Explorer. But as soon as I click on a subfolder, Opus opens. If I add one of the sub-folders to the exeption list, it opens in Explorer and all is fine.
But since it is a document archiove, the folders are more or less dynamic.
Is it possible to get "Include subfolders" into the exception list?
(As a mittigation for now, I have added the 20-30 most used folders but we are talking about several hundreds in total.....)
Using Opus, I can drill down in the folder structure, but when I come to the document level, I cannot see them nor open them.
Br, Eilif, Norway

Which versions of Opus and Windows are you using?

Make sure Opus hasn't been set to run in compatibility mode for an older version of windows, as that can mess up the Explorer Replacement settings so double-clicks within Explorer don't stay in Explorer:

(If any compatibility option was on, turn it off, then reboot. In Opus, turn off Explorer Replacement and click Apply, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on. That should re-write the registry values with the appropriate ones for your Windows version.)

Thanks for swift response.
The exceptions are working as they are implemented today.
My request is to get an "Include subfolders" in the exception list so I don't have to enter every singel on as there are hundreds.
Using Opus 12.64 and Windows 10.0.19042. No compatability mode.

According to Leo's statement that should be the case. If you use explorer you should stay there.
On my side this works.

The current version is 12.26 - how can you have 12.64 installed? I guess you have to update Opus.

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If everything's working normally, it shouldn't be needed, since Explorer Replacement isn't meant to affect double-clicks that happen when you're already in File Explorer.

If you open File Explorer and navigate to This PC or My Documents or a similar common folder, does double-clicking a drive or folder below there open the folder in the window you're in, or does that also cause the folder to open in Opus? (In other words, is the problem happening everywhere, or just with some folders which are special in some way?)

I have tested again by clicking around in Explorer in regular folder trees, and the behavior is like you describe - the folders are opened in Explorer.
As I described, my intention is to use Explorer to navigate in our document archive (M-Files) which is mounted as a drive. And apperently, this mounting is done by a service. If I completely turn off replace Explorer in Opus, Explorer behaves as I expect it to when browsing the Document archive.
There is no way I'm going back to Explorer after using Opus for years, so I guess I just turn off the replacement feature the few times when I'm going to use the document archive extensivly. usually I use it for small lookups and then use the web interface (slow, but works).
BTW: I using 12.26 x64 Sorry for the typo.
Thank you for help and guidence!
Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:
Best regards, Eilif