Reproducible bug? Renaming during filter

Hi All,

Could someone please test this to see if it's reproducible on another system? On my system (Vista Home Premium SP1, Dopus it causes Dopus to predictably crash.

Step 1: Filter a list of files by extension using the filter toolbar control

Step 2: Click on top file and press F2

Step 3: Type a new extension (which would presumably exclude the file from the filter once the change is 'accepted')

Step 4: Instead of pressing enter, press the down arrow to go to the next file in the filtered list. At this point, on my system, the file icon for the file above is still visible, but the filename and file details become blank

Step 5: Press enter on the second file

Step 6: Click on the dropdown list on the filter toolbar control and select 'Clear Filters'

On my system Dopus will crash at this point.

I've run this scenario without crash (I noticed step 4 behaviour as well), BUT right after that I selected Help>About to check DO version and DO crashed: error (0xc0000005) in thread dopus_about at address 0x00402eb6. Then after I confirmed this not-fatal crash dialog and selected Close on DO icon in system tray, I got fatal crash (program needs to close), the same error, thread dopus_main, address 0x7c911669.

You're right... Good catch...

[quote]AppName: dopus.exe AppVer: ModName: ntdll.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.5512 Offset: 000106f7[/quote]