[REQ] Default Rename Mode & Just Retry Rename

Two feature requests, and yes i could make an AutoHotKey script or something to do them, but ...

If there is already a way to do either of these please let me know.

  1. Default Rename Mode
    When I open the main "Rename" dialog box, it always starts in "Standard Rename" mode. If I went to the trouble of opening the full Rename dialog box I never want this (if I had I would have just used F2).
    I would like to be able to sent the default Rename mode to either "Find and Replace" (what I usually want) or "Regular Expressions".

  2. Just Retry Rename
    Occasionally, when I use F2 to rename it fails. Maybe the file is in use. Maybe it is on a network drive and being slow at the moment. The failure is legitimate, but usually temporary.
    When it fails, I get the "The rename failed, would you like to retry" dialog box (don't remember the exact working).
    When I say "Yes" it doesn't retry the rename, but instead brings up the full Rename dialog box (the dialog box of the feature request #1 above). I then have to hit "Ok" from the dialog box to retry the rename.
    I would like it to either automatically (after hitting "Yes, retry") just silently (w/o displaying the full or another dialog box) retry the same F2 rename that just failed, or have another button on the "It failed, Retry?" dialog box to automatically (and silently) retry the rename w/o displaying the fill Rename dialog box.


For #1, change the command that launches Rename to Rename ADVANCED PRESET=findrep.
For #2, this is on the list to be improved but currently that's the way it works.

#1: Thank you. I love this program!

#2: Thanks, too.