[REQ] Find & Replace Script

Looking for a script that will search all of my music files and rename my old method of naming. It's a huge directory and been working on it post 2000 and I don't feel like burning my entire cd collection again.

What I'm looking for is something that will change artist_song_[date].wav , what I need to change is [date] to artist_song_b[/b].wave. Replacing brackets with parenthesize.

If date is a changing value, you could try something like :

Old name : b[(.*)].wav[/b]
New name: \1(\2).wav
Type = Regular Expressions


Not sure how you're trying to implement that. I set you variables in the rename - find/replace. Receive the error "An error occurred renameing '].avi':...." Also tried to create a user command under customizations, but that only brought up the find replace dialog.

quick edit... anything that is within the brackets should be left untouched. I'd like to substitute [] for ()

Tony Bennett - For Once In My Life [1995].mp4 to Tony Bennett - For Once In My Life (1995).mp4

Just set there rename dialog up as Devilder said.

Note the Type = Regular Expressions line. You've got it in Find & Replace mode when it should be in Regular Expressions mode.

Yes, I did do both as previously stated. Both Find and I tried find/replace as well... "Regular Expressions" was also selected. If it doens't work in Find/Replace then please tell me where and how 'batch renaming' can be done. The help file is not very intuitive.

Thanks, I found it.