[REQ for Dopus11] Vertical Sidebar instead of tabs

[REQ for Dopus11] Vertical Sidebar instead of tabs

These days monitors are being made in 16:9 form factor and there is a lot of horizontal resolution.

It would be nice to have a sidebar on the left side that the user could turn on instead of tabs - it would show all currently open listers in a list and show their full path. It would have a horizontal scrollbar so the user could scroll left-right if very long path names are loaded that don't fit in the space.

Interesting idea! :thumbsup: I have a friend who rotates his monitor but I think it looks crazy. :wink:

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From: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/verttabbar/

I have vertical tabs activated in opera and firefox as well. It is a logical consequence while being forced to a 16:9 resolution on mainstream displays if you open more than 3 tabs at once.
I can imagine vertical tabs could be something nice in DO too. But from a "screen space saving" perspective, this maybe waste some space, as I never open more than 6-8 Tabs on each lister, so a vertical tab column would not be filled, while that horizontal row of tabs is almost always stuffed.

On the other hand, having the tabs to display more of the path would be kind of useful, maybe I'd risk to open even more tabs then, because I guess it is the limited row space and tab description space, that hinders me from opening more than 6-8 tabs to not loose control.

Overall that's something for the "nice to have" list.. I'd find some others enhancements to be more interessint.

to tbone:
a vertical column would not necessary use the whole height. that depends on the implementation.
as an example heres an opera-config:

dopus has a similar command, "TABLIST", but with very limited options.
"TABLIST" doesnt respect the "maxwidth" option, which is important for any vertical toolbar.
"tab groups" etc. cant be used, and the "TABLIST" cant replace the current "tab bar".