Request: Command for toolbar option Alt+Clic

Hey, would you please add the possibility to enable/disable the option already available that let's you use Alt+Clic to enter in Customize Mode, with a command? So in this way, toggle buttons could be possible.

If the option to use Alt+Click for quick button editing is on, you can still use Shift and Ctrl to modify what buttons do. (And Shift+Ctrl, and none, for a total of four possibilities.)

What is it you're doing where toggling the option is needed?

thanks Leo, however, I find single modifier hotkeys (like Alt or shift alone) more intuitive, and for buttons with Go commands I use Alt to open in new tab, Shift to open in new window and Control to open in dual. Usually I reserved the combined hotkeys for merged commands (like Control + Alt to open in new tab in dual, so on), so it well be welcome a command that puts me in our out of quick button editing, also to know quickly whether this option is active or not.

Makes sense.

But instead of a button to toggle alt-click, and toggling that before & after editing, why not have a button that opens Customize? Seems about the same to me. Alt-click is only really a time-saver if it is always on, since the few clicks it save would be cancelled out by having to click to toggle it.

I just checked that out in Prefs and turned it on. That is so amazing. Is there no end to the goodies inside DOpus? Constantly amazes me.