Request - FAQ or Forum Section about Window Managers, et. al

I've learned a lot from the FAQ section - - been able to correct some of my user errors,
and generally increase the functionality and joy of using dOpus.

I'm currently experiencing challenges with the window manager AWM - Actual Window Manager,
and researching alternatives like DisplayFusion, etc.

I find posts by others who are experiencing similar problems
but don't want to give up the efficiencies of these window managers,
nevermind that quitting dOpus is absolutely out of the question -
throughout the forum you can find folks who decline to switch to Mac or Linux
b/c dOpus isn't and won't be available there.

Would y'all consider combining the troubleshooting insights/suggestions you've already deployed,
into a FAQ on the several window managers?

Or, possibly creating a new Forum section that would allow dOpus users to share what they've found? I acknowledge that a new Forum section might require greater work than the potential returns -
so that's why the FAQ may be a better solution.

Thanks as always for this fine software and the folks who assist us to utilize it
to an ever greater efficiency and enjoyment. :+1: :+1:

We know next to nothing about alternative window managers. FAQs about them would make more sense on their own websites.

Thx for your consideration.