Request for Viewer: copy filepath + open in external editor

In the Dopus viewer, there is no way to open the currently viewed file in an external programme.

You have to go back to the file manager and find the file - if you have been browsing in a large folder of images that can take a while as the focus is still on the image you opened the viewer with.

I can think of three posibilities:

1) add "copy filepath" to the viewer context menu
2) add "open with" (as in explorer menu) to the viewer context menu
3) add "open in external editor" to the viewer context menu, with ability to set the external editor in preferences.

I'd be happy if all three were added :wink: but the filepath option is the most flexible, and can be used to open and/or import the file in any other programme, be it screenshot programme, image editor, office software, etc

Thanks, Tom

Most graphics programs accept files via drag & drop, and you can drag the window icon (top-left of the image viewer) into other programs to pass the file to them.

Here's the way I like to do it. I'll open a folder of images in the Opus standalone viewer, and as I browse through those images each one I come to that I want to open in an external program I press CTRL+T to tag that image. Once I'm done browsing the images I close the viewer and back in Opus lister view I see my tagged images marked with a checkbox. All I have to do to open those tagged images in a program such as Photoshop is to press a button running the following command.

That is very much a workaround... and doesnt work for the import scenario. But also for simply opening in another app, it means the programme has to be already open.

As said above, just Copy-filepath would actually cover all options - it doesnt seem a lot to be asking for (I know I've been asking already today :wink: )

The problem with Dopus is that it has set a very high standard of flexibility :thumbsup: but when that's missing... I've tried workarounds but always use the viewer in full screen. John's workaround above would suit me better than others (thanks John!), but it's still a workaround.

To me copy-filepath and other functions using the filepath, are one of the main reasons I use a file manager as opposed to explorer. That this is not possible with images in an everyday functional way, is frustrating.
I know the history and use of file managers leave images down the list (and dopus has done a lot to change that), but there must be an incredible amount of dopus users that work with images; off the top of my head -

[ul]* I use other software for my photos, but many dont

  • Scanned/photographed text/images (management of same)
  • Web design (filepath very helpful)
  • my own work involves working with images including many scans from others with sketches/hand written notes/corrections etc.
  • etc, etc.[/ul]

( I'll shut up now :smiley: )

My viewer needs are very similar to tomos's, as a feature request I'd like to see a customizable context menu for the standalone viewer like the other Opus context menus. That would allow us to configure it suit our own needs.

Yep, similar desire over here... it's come up in various threads over the past couple of years - and I'd still really appreciate Viewer-specific customization of both context menu AND hotkeys being made possible. It's a conspicuous omission in Opus' arsenal of customization features.

I'd also love to see a fully customisable context menu, and hotkeys!

In the short term though, just copy filepath in the context menu (or the main menu, preferably with a shortcut) would be a lifeline that would make working with images a lot easier.