Request: option to disable special char checking in Rename

I have a need for an option in Rename. For my Dynamic Rename script, I use the New name as essentially a command line to pass strings, RE's, etc. to the script. The problem is, FS-illegal chars cannot be entered, so I can't easily pass ?, :, and other RE characters.

Can there me an option to disable special character checking/prevention in New Name when Script Mode is enabled?

Would a separate Script Arguments field make more sense?

Actually, I was going to ask for that particularly. That would be superb.

Would that require a new script interface function that takes an additional argument, or were you thinking the Script Arguments field would supplant New name and be available as the arg 5 in Rename_GetNewName2()?

If at all possible, regardless of how you decide to implement this, please continue to support the Preview refresh upon character entry, in the same fashion as today's Old name refresh occurs. This is very useful for helping folks see what happens with transformations in real-time as they are typed and tested.

A gentle bump for

Hi folks. I'm wondering if DO11 addresses this request?

(sorry for the previous bump - I learned later that you don't care for them.)

The rename UI hasn't changed in Opus 11 (at least the current beta).

The new scripting support means you could create your own rename command which prompts for arguments and does whatever it wants with them, although the ability for a non-rename script to preview the results isn't there (without the script bringing in an external UI framework, which is possible but would be lots of work).

Oh, darn. Is this (the disabling of the meta-character check/blocking) something you are still considering, or not something you want to do?

I use my script frequently, and have to enter certain common regex metacharacters via hex escape codes.

We'll be doing a lot to the Rename UI but we're not ready to talk about what/when yet.