Request - parent dir with scroll position restore

Is possible to made go parent (go up) to the same position like before enter directory? The same like "back" (history) does? I can use history back but it not works the same way - when I enter folder contains lot of subfolders and I want to browse them, and I must browse another subfolders inside them, then back return me to all visited subdirectories first. Go up works like I want (just go to parent folder) but I must scroll down list again. Is possible to made option that lister temporary remembers position of parent folders and if I back to already visited - go to the last position? It may works simply way - all parent positions should be remembered but only until I change directory to different location (using drives or command that is not "Go up" command) or close lister.

Instead of "Go UP" use "Go UP BACK" and it will function like "Go BACK" when the parent folder is in the history.

There is also Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: go_up_always_back to make this happen all the time if you don't want to change lots of "Go UP" commands in different places.

As far as I can say - it works. Thank you.