Request: Rename folder to merge into another when using Advanced Rename

Hi All,

Similar this this request from 2013,

I'd like to see some flexibility around merging folders during a rename, especially when using the Advanced Rename Dialog, or macro scripts.

I use advanced rename with a script to move generated directories from a flat structure to a more meaningful hierarchy, but if I jump the gun and rename a folder before its finished, the original folder is simply re-created with new content.

Re-running the same rename script gives me the option to rename or replace. How can I get the equivalent of "merge" ?

If files within the folder conflict, I definitely want to know about that, but I would very much like an option to merge the folder being renamed as part of the advanced rename.

(It isn't the same as the rename files in selected subdirectories feature because I don't want the script to apply to the individual file names.)

Currently pressing Ctrl-2 (Copy MOVE) will allowing merging the directories instead of renaming or replacing the existing directory, I'm hoping for the same functionality with rename.

Any suggestions?


Probably the easiest solution at the moment is to change the rename script so it just moves the files to their intended location, then afterwards remove any unwanted, empty folders.

You could do it all in one go using a (non-rename) script, if you wanted.

I was about to post about this. . .
It's best done by renaming.

I work around this at the moment by using the rename to create a hierarchy in a temp folder, then moving the temp folder to the final destination which merges nicely and notifies me of conflicts at the file level.

It would be nice to have a "merge" option in addition to the rename/overwrite options just like move already has.

When there are many folders, you may not know that the renamed folder name already exists, and then you will encounter an error, and then some unnecessary steps. . .