REQUEST - Start Menu full screen toggle button

I've recently found the need to change the win10 start Screen size.
It would be nice to have a toggle off / on button to activate the Start Menu full screen.
seeking help on how to set it up (code) in DOPUS.

No idea, unless there is a command line, registry setting, or API to change that option in Windows Settings. The article only talks about clicking on things in Windows Settings, which you cannot easily automate in general.

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You may can start here:

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well then if Leo says "No idea" I know there's no way for me to figure it out. lol
I didn't realize it would be so difficult considering all DOPUS can do, thanks for the info.

Doesn’t mean its not possible. I’m an expert on Opus, not on configuring undocumented Windows options. :slight_smile:

Sasa’s link looks promising. You can trigger the registry change via an Opus button. Only question is it Windows reacts to the change without a reboot etc.

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I had a rummage.

You can change the setting via the registry or group policy, however, you need to restart Explorer after you do that, which is ugly. Particularly since changing the setting in the UI takes effect immediately.

Further investigation was just more depressing. There are a scattered collection of PowerShell commands that can change a random collection of Windows setting directly. They are horribly inconsistent, much like how if you look around enough there's an example of pretty much every Windows UI style since v3 still in Windows somewhere.

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