Request: "Who lock me?" alike functionality

I noticed recent beta brings one interesting feature (among others of course :slight_smile:. I mean "On Vista and Windows 7, Opus will now display the names of any processes that have a file locked when a delete fails due to a "file in use" error." - back in time, when I was using 32 bit Windows, I found "Who lock me?" tool ( ) andit was quite useful. Unfortunately there's no 64 bit version nor I found any replacement. Of course there are tools that list all opened files etc, but Who lock me? simply opened window with processes holding lock on particular file. So my request is - could we have this somehow implemented? perfectly i'd love to be able to pick function from context (RMB) menu while pointing to file/dir and dopus would list all processes locking that file (it would be even more perfect to be able to kill that process from opus).

Ooops, you said already, it was in the new Beta.

Downloaded Beta and tried this new feature... COOL! Thanks GP for all these new features between main upgrades other companies would sell as a new version!

I can´t test it :frowning: How you guys manage to get all those locked files? :wink:

Try to delete your dopusrt.exe :wink:

I might as well pull the chair away, i´m sitting on..

If you can delete this file, it means that it is loaded into your computer's memory, so after deleting nothing should happen. After that, you always can restore this file from thrash, if you use one. Or reinstall DOpus.

dopusrt.exe may not be running, but dopus.exe will be (or just try deleing c:\windows\system32\kernel32.dll as that will be in use by every program on the system).

Note that deleting to recycle bin won't trigger the new feature, as that's handled by Explorer.

Guys, simply execute DOpusInstall.exe and delete it. After "trying" the new feature cancel install...or just play a movie with WMP... :slight_smile:

Very excited about this new feature. How many times has a file been locked by a mysterious process...
Thank you Opus team!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, this is a good one... now if only I could find a utility that 'reliably' could tell me what process is blocking my attempts to unmount/safely remove USB drives - then I'd be all set :imp:

Process Explorer does both for me.

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