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"Reset focus entry when sorting file list" for thumbnails view?

Would it be possible to add a "Reset focus entry when sorting file list" option for the Thumbnails view? I thought the recent beta did this but it seems like the thumbnail view is exempt from this.

It's only ever applied to Details/Power mode, since those would scroll to keep the focus entry visible after changing the sort column, which is often unwanted.

In Thumbnails (etc.) mode, the file display already avoids scrolling when the sort column changes.

If you're using the keyboard then I can see that resetting the focus item might make sense. Is that what you're doing? (When using the mouse, it shouldn't really matter.)

When I'm in Thumbnails or Tiles mode and change the sort the display follows the selected file. If no file is selected it follows the first file.

That way I'm always taken to the bottom of the folder when I change the Filename sort because the first file is now the last.

So is this not how it's supposed to work? Because I don't want the folder to scroll automatically.

It might depend on if the focused item is currently visible when the change happens, if it is kept visible.

We'll take a look in more detail.

I'm trying in 12.17.6 and if I re-sort a thumbnails list, it doesn't scroll at all. Doesn't seem to matter if the item with focus is visible or not (unless I then push a cursor key, which will jump to the item with focus).

It has always been like this for me. Here's a video for proof :grinning:

I'll reinstall opus now to check if it's some config issue.

Edit: I've reinstalled and it's still the same.

Thanks for the video! I see why we're getting different results now. I was using a toolbar button to change the sort order, while you were using the sort/columns header, and they behave slightly differently.

I've made a change for 12.18.1 (not 12.18) which makes Reset focus entry when sorting file list apply to Thumbnails/Tiles/etc. modes when sorting by via the header.

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