Resolution of virtual names such libs:

I found some cases where having a lister pointing to say libs:documents is an issue. For instance, say this folder contains a .rar file, a.rar, and another file, b.doc.
If I drag and drop b.doc to a.rar within the lister, I get a winrar error saying libs:documents is not a known path. So it would be nice to be able to resolve libs:documents into c:\user<myusername\Documents in that case. Is there a way to do this simply ?

Have you disabled Opus's internal RAR support? This seems to work fine as long as it's on.

Which version of Opus are you using? I can't reproduce this with the current beta (11.5.5) even with Opus RAR support turned off.

We've reproduced this and fixed it for the next update (11.5.6 beta).

Thanks. I have this issue also with V10 actually.