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Resource Center Stopped Working in Internet Explorer

As of a few days ago, many individual forum pages in the Resource Center won't load in Internet Explorer on Win10. They load fine on Firefox. In IE a "something went wrong" error message is displayed.

Which pages have the problem?

Almost any forum that I click on from the main page will either generate the error or generate an ever-spinning wheel of waiting. However, it appears that I can click a message link and go to that message (including the message about the newest beta).

Checking that, I get the same problem on the official Discourse site, so I think it's related to changes they've made in recent updates and not specific to our setup.

They last broke IE support a couple of months ago, and fixed it afterwards, so I expect this will get fixed.

(But it's also time to stop using IE as it's not going to be supported at all much longer. From another thread, it sounds like they're considering ending IE support when Microsoft stop supporting Windows 7, and extended support of Win7 ends January 14th 2020.)

The latest Discourse release notes include this, presumably because Windows 7 itself is no longer supported by Microsoft from January 2020, and newer OS have Edge built in:

Discourse will be dropping support for Internet Explorer in June 2020. (A formal announcement will be made mid-January). In preparation for this, Internet Explorer specific code has been moved into a plugin, making it easier to remove come June.