Respect unfocused titlebar color on Win10 dark theme

I use my Win10 with the dark theme.

When I switch from dopus to another window, its titlebar color switches to bright white.

Whould be great if you could do the same as explorer:

We will have options to opt Opus windows into using "dark" titlebars in the future. Microsoft have only just documented the API for doing this in the last month or so (although the API they documented doesn't actually work properly, so we'll still be using different/additional methods we had to find and/or work out ourselves, as with most of the dark-mode support we're adding).

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The setting in your screenshot is for active windows.
This works well already.
I was specifically talking about the unfocused state.

As far as I know Windows doesn't do this for long now, so yes, the feature is pretty fresh.
Thank you for your fast and direct answer.

That's also mentioned in the post/quote.

You are right, as it was in the topic of the post too.
We're totally clear about that for sure.

Look here how to set inactive titlebar-color via regkey:

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Adding your proposed registry-key works like a charm.


Thank you :star_struck: