Restart dOpus for changes to take effect?

Is there a policy or principle that influences when dOpus must be restarted after changes are made
in specific "sections/aspects" of dOpus - in order for those changes to take effect/show up?

(... because it seems like sometimes I have to restart in order for changes to take effect,
but this may just be a random & inaccurate observation ...)

... such as -- any changes made in Preferences, vs File Types, vs Customize ? etc .... thx

There isn't much of a general rule. Most settings changes don't require a restart, but a few do.

OK, thx. I'll be vigilant to see when it does, & then make a log note of it ~

I don't think you're ever forced to restart Opus immediately, and there are only a handful of settings that require a restart at all. I recommend not worrying about it, and Opus will tell you when a restart is needed which you can then do whenever is convenient. It's not worth keeping a log of, especially as it's subject to change.