Restore previous folder format?

If I change a folder format using a favourite, e.g. SET Format "No Filters", is there a way of restoring the previous format?

If the previous folder format was determined by Opus using it's normal logic, then navigating away from the folder and back again has the effect of resetting the "default" format unless the folder is locked to the format I chose. I'd prefer a more elegant way of doing this, if there is one.

Whilst fiddling with this, I noticed an anomaly. In screen grab I start with a "default" format that includes an image background and filters out .xmp files. In grab 2, I apply a favourite format that switches off all filters and applies a flat colour background. I lock this format and then navigate away and back again. The third grab shows what happens. The filters stay switched off but the flat colour background is replaced by the image from the original default.

Regards, AB

Set FORMAT=!folder should do it.

(Go Current may also be useful, FWIW.)

Re the last point, background images aren't locked by the format lock (by design).

Jon/Leo - thanks to you both. I guessed there had to be a way and it turns out there are two!

In your response Leo, you mention that backgrounds aren't locked by design. I'm interested to know why? I find the visual clues afforded by different backgrounds to be very helpful. The Help file Locking the Format section does not mention that backgrounds aren't locked.

Regards, AB

It's because if you have different images for different locations (Desktop, Profile, System Drive, FTP Sites, Zip Files, etc.), it looks stupid if you lock the format and change to a different folder but keep the old image. :slight_smile:

Yes, of course. Locking the format does not just lock for the current folder... D'oh! :blush:

..and of course I can lock (no changes) the current folder tab after applying the modified folder format in order to protect against subsequent format change.

Regards, AB