Restoring multiview.oxc

I unwisely copied some config files from an old XP computer to my DOpus installation in Windows 7 x64. They included multiview.oxc. It pointed to Quick View Plus.

I haven't installed Quick View Plus on my x64 computer, but of course the multiview.oxc reads:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> C:\Program Files\Quick View Plus\Program

In Settings, Viewer Plugins, Multiview, Configure, I get a message that viewer libraries can't be located. I think I need to edit multiview.oxc so that it can see my multiview.dll, located at
C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Viewers\multiview.dll

But I don't know exactly what to put in place of the present entry (Quick View Plus).

Can anyone put me on the right path (literally!), or do I have to do a clean install of DOpus?



You don't need to edit the file by hand, you can configure the plugin via Settings -> Preferences / Plugins / Viewers.

To work the plugin needs to be pointed at the QuickView DLLs, not at itself (multiview.dll).

On a 64-bit system they need to be 64-bit QuickView DLLs, too. Not sure if anyone has tried them yet...

Out of interest, which formats were you viewing via QuickView?

Hi Leo

I can't point the plugin at the QuickView DLLs, because I haven't installed QuickView Plus on this computer. The install files are on a CD that came bundled with Windows 3.1! I used QuickView on WinXP with PowerDesk, till I changed to Directory Opus a few years ago.

I don't actually know what formats I was viewing (in the XP computer) with QuickView. I think I may have used it in DOpus 8, but I can't actually remember.

Are you saying that I should have QuickView DLLs for Multiview to work? I'm in over my head here!



The QuickView DLLs don't come with Opus. The MultiView plugin just lets you use them if you have a copy of them already.

You may not need them or the MultiView plugin. Opus can view files via other methods. I've never used MultiView/QuickView myself.

My advice would be to ignore the plugin and see if you run into any files that you used to be able to view but no longer can. If you do post a question here asking for suggestions on an alternative viewer.

Leo, thanks. I can indeed look most files in the Viewer -- PDF, doc, etc. The only problem is photos. I was running the beta of Win7 x64 till mid-October, and photo files displayed correctly in the Viewer - until I did a clean install of the retail version.

I then found that only .dng files (camera raw files run through Photoshop's DNG converter) displayed correctly in Photoshop, or anywhere else. The 4 other photo file types on my computer, namely:

.orf (Olympus Camera Raw)
.psd (Photoshop image)

-- all looked as if I'd desaturated them by 25%.

Following advice on the Photoshop forum, I found that the Device Profile setting in Colour Management, Advanced was set to sRGB. I had forgotten to re-apply my Gretag Macbeth profile. I did so, and all photographic file types now displayed correctly in Photoshop, Bridge, Word, etc.

But in the DOpus Viewer the problem remains: only .dngs display at the correct saturation; .tifs, .psds, .jpgs etc are all desaturated. That's why I thought the problem might be with multiview.

I've now investigated further and found that Windows Photo Viewer displays .jpgs correctly (it doesn't work with the other types); but Adobe Picture Viewer, MS Paint, Opera browser and Internet Explorer all display them desaturated. This is clearly a Windows problem, not a DOpus one.

Thank you for your help. Your last message stimulated me to dig deeper, via programs I seldom or never use (Win Explorer, Photo Viewer etc.), and find that the problem isn't with DOpus or its viewer.


Opus doesn't apply colour profiles to JPG, PSD or TIF files at the moment which I think explains what you are seeing. I don't think IE or MS Paint apply them either.

(On the other hand, Opus will apply colour profiles to ORF and DNG, at least if the Raw plugin is configured to do so.)

Hi Mary,

We'd like to investigate improving support for colour management in a future version of Opus. If you'd like to file an official tech support request through the website we can maybe get some example images from you and see if there's anything we can do.


Re images from me: I take it that screenshots from Dopus viewer will be OK? It's the only way I can think of to show the difference in how the Viewer displays photos that are identical in Photoshop/Bridge.


Jon probably meant sample image files with colour profiles to test the code against.