Restoring virgin configuration

Is there anyway short of doing a re-installation to reset all of the Directory Opus settings (preferences, customizations, etc) back to their original state?

Thanks in advance,

Tom S


Open the Preferences window and use the File menu. There's an option to reset all to defaults.

Everything else:

Go to /dopusdata (it's a folder alias, so only Opus will understand the path) and you'll find the rest of your configuration. In most cases you can rename one of the directories and restart Opus to get back the defaults. For example, rename the Buttons directory and restart and your toolbars will reset to the defaults. (You may still need to turn some of them back on again afterwards via Settings -> Customize -> Toolbars, if you had previously turned them off.)

Of course, you can delete the renamed folders if all goes well. I'd suggest renaming them first just in case it turns out you needed something in them and only realise it after restarting Opus.

If you are using the "private" (i.e. per-user) configuration mode (you can see via Preferences - Miscellaneous - Options, 3rd line from the top) then you can also simply delete the entire /dopusdata directory and restart Opus to reset everything.