Retain Label when moving or copying a file?

I like to use Labels on files to let me know they need special attention. An example of times when I Label a file would be when I download it. Let's say I Label it green. So when I move the file I have noticed it loses the Label I have applied to it. It is no longer green. Is there any way to change this behaviour? When I move and copy the files I would like them to keep the Label. Thanks

You need an NTFS drive and the right settings under Preferences / File Operations / Copy Attributes.

More here:!Documents/Labels1.htm!Documents/Prefs/Copy_Attributes.htm

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Wow... this is serious. I see... this answers a lot of other questions I have had about files and when I do things like move them (timestamp, etc). Super helpful, thank you so much.

Can making changes here slow down file transfers?

Yes, setting the metadata takes time, so if you have many small files, the per-file overhead will add up to some noticeably reduced transfer speed.