Reverse CreateFolder

I often use the CreateFolder command in a button to create complex directory structures over and over again. I wonder if there is a way to do the reverse: build the CreateFolder commands from an complex (empty) directory? (When I installed D10 I somehow lost the buttons that held these commands, and being able to recreate them from existing directories would be easier rather than to write them all out again.)

Does Recreate Empty Directory Structure do what you want?

I tried it, and found it very useful. It does allow me to copy the structure from one sprecific fodler to another (empty) one, but I still prefer the entire "standard directory structures" (specific ones that I use a lot) to be coded into a number of commands in a button, so there is only one place that holds the correct structure, and I can replicate it from there as often as I need.
Q: are these buttons stored in a file somewhere? I have backups around with old ocb files (D9) could I extract these buttons from there?

Yes, they are stored in /dopusdata/buttons, and if you just want the toolbars out of your config backup you can rename the .ocb to .zip and grab individual toolbars from inside it.

If you installed over your Opus 9 config then you don't even have to do that as your old toolbars will still be there (more details in the FAQ near the top of the list).