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Reverse filtering possible?


Say I have filtered files within a folder containing a specific text (e.g. 'converted' being added to the file names)
But now I want to select the files that do nót have 'converted' added,i.e. a kind of reverse selection, or selection on files nót having converted in the name.

How do I do that?



Do you mean in the filter bar?

If you have say *.txt the opposite would be ~(*.txt)


Ah, right!
Many thanks indeed!

Wouldn't have thought about that...
(Did try the '#' character and '<>' though)

Probably it is documented somewhere.

Thanks again.


no problem.
Its documented here Pattern Matching Syntax


Ahum . . .:blush:

Went thru the Filter Bar Help-page and obviously didn't pay attention to the line "The filter string uses the standard pattern matching syntax" in!Documents/Filter_Bar1.htm