Reversing file name's number order

I have a couple of hundred files which were named in the wrong order. Basically the first file, call it File-01.pdf is page 200 of the total document and File-200.pdf is page 1 of the document. All the files in between are wrong. So I don't need to retain the name "File-" but I need to swop the numbers round so that the order matches page number order.
File-01 becomes NewFilename-200, and File-200 becomes NewFilename-001;
File-02 becomes NewFilename-199 and File-199 becomes NewFilename-002
and so on .

I've tried various renaming ways but can't get what I want. I found a thread about this in Opus but it was about 12 years old.

Reverse-sort the file display by Name (so the files are now in the order you want them).

Select all the files and click the Rename button.

Old name: *
New name: NewFilename-[#]
:white_check_mark: Ignore extension
:white_check_mark: Sequential numbering from: 001 by 1

Thanks Leo.