Right arrow to expand expandable folders

Hi, I am wondering if below functionality could be kindly implemented, if so, that would be of tremendous help. (I think MacOS finder has this functionality).


Right-click on the mouse, or right arrow on the keyboard?

(Title says one but image says the other.)

Maybe already what you want?

  • Default hotkeys are Alt + Down to expand and Alt + Up to collapse.

File Display

Details in the Directory Opus Manual.

Thanks, Leo, I meant right arrow on the keyboard, I must be tired and apologize for the confusion.
And please correct the title for me, I think I cannot correct it myself.

Thanks, lxp. I immediately tried it, it works. How can I not found it has been there?
Thanks again!

Maybe hidden by a gazillion other new features? :smiley:

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Probably indeed! :sweat_smile: