Right Click Bug in Favorits?!


just DL the new Dopus Version and i found a small Bug in the Favorits-Right Clicking Option.
When I click the Favorits Menu item and then Right click there that the contex menu appears and then click e.g. into alistener .. only the contex manue dissapear .. but the favorits list still is visible and it only hide when i choose again something form the main Menu bar at the top (e.g. FTP or Settings)
It also happens with my Favorits button inm hte shelf .. ever tyoe the right mouse buton was pressed and the new menu appear it doesnt want to dissappear. (even when i choose a menu item :confused: ) ...

OS: win2k


I'm running 8.2 ANSI on Win XP Pro, and can confirm that this happens to me, also. Doesn't bug me too much, though.


yes its not a "HOLY SHIT REMOVE IT BUG" .. but i thought it would be good to mention it :slight_smile: .. great tool anyway ..