Right-Click Context Menu Background Color Suddenly Changed

I realize that the question of being able to select custom colors for the right-click context menu has been asked time and time again, search as I may, I cannot find any answer other than "It's not possible to change the color. It's controlled by the Windows system."

Now, that's fine by me, except it's always been the same color for me, white. I installed 12.9.1 and now the background color is a dark grey, no matter if I'm right-clicking a file, folder, or drive...

My question is this: Does Opus now have the ability to select that background color, and if so, how do I go back to white? I cannot see any answer in the new help file, nor on the forum here. I have also looked in all the prefs settings having to do with color, and I find nothing referring to context menu.

So, once I get the answer to this, I will be able to narrow my search for the sudden shift in context menu background color... Opus or my System.


Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Toolbar and menu defaults

RTFRL :slight_smile:

  • The frames around pop-up menus now use configurable colors, and menus will be drawn using your toolbar colors by default, if they have been customized. (Does not affect all menus in the program, at least not yet, but will affect most toolbar and context menus.)

  • Default menu background color can now be configured separately.

I did read the RL, and I focused on the second part rather than the first. My bad, 20 demerits.

Thanks for the help, Leo!

Update: Oh yeah, MUCH better!!