Right-click context menus slow to load

Right-click context menus have been unusually slow on my windows 10 laptop both in Opus and Explorer, sometimes they never do load. In looking up solutions, I found a tip to 'Hide Windows items on file context menus' in preferences. This works great, everything works instantly now, but I miss my context menus (I'm using the shift option for now when I need certain items on the context menus and to use my 'open in windows explorer' button)- is this the best work-around or is there a way to solve the context menu loading problem without losing the windows integration? Thanks!

Are you using the latest version (12.28)?

Yes, 12.28.

This post has suggestions on how to track down the shell extension which is causing the slowdown:

Thanks, Leo, this looks great. I will work through this and come back if I have any problems.

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A really good tool for managing the context menu is free right now. Giveaway of the Day. FileMenu Tools 7.8.4 - Customize the context menu of Windows File Explorer.