Right click drag & drop not working

Running Windows 10 Pro, x64. This is a brand new install.

I've updated from Directory Opus 11 to 12, I didn't have this issue in Windows 7 (Opus 11), but that might be unrelated. When I had Opus 11 Windows 10 installed, the right click drag & drop did not work either.

However, right clicking from an explorer folder into Directory Opus works, as well as it works in all other cases on my machine. I just cannot right click and drag anything while in Directory Opus from pane to pane. Left click drag works fine.

Do you mean the drag doesn't even start? Or that once you drop the file, nothing happens?

Does it work within Explorer? What about from Explorer to Opus (or vice versa)?

The drag never starts. There's no UI indication that it starts either, the files don't appear to be 'dragging'. When I right click and drag, when I let go of the right mouse button it's as if I did a static, non-moving right click on my set of files, except that context menu is now in the location of my mouse.

Dragging from explorer into opus works fine, but not the other way around (since the drag simply doesn't work).

When I first installed Opus 11 on my new Windows 10 installation, I imported all of my old settings from my previous install before I used it, so I couldn't tell you if it worked before I did that.

What display mode are you in? If you're in Power mode, try switching to Details and see if that makes it work.

Do you mean View? I exclusively pretty much use details view on every folder. I tried switching to every type (icons, thumbs, list, etc.) but it didn't make a difference.

Anything special about your mouse? Are you running any software that changes how the buttons work?

No, It's just a Logitech mouse and I'm using their gaming software. My right click works in every other situation that I can tell. Maybe I can uninstall Opus and purging the settings and reinstalling clean?

Does the program keep settings somewhere that I could clean out?

Exiting the Logitech Gaming Software did not change anything.

There aren't really any settings that could cause this. In Power mode drag & drop can be disabled but if you're not using Power mode then I've run out of ideas unfortunately.

Maybe @leo can think of something?

You can reset all settings by uninstalling, rebooting wheb prompted, then reinstalling.

I can't think of any settings which would cause what you're seeing though.

Does right click dragging work in Thumbnails mode?

When dragging with the left button, do you see the drag image then, or only the results once you drop the files?

Got any mouse gestures software or similar installed?

Ok, resinstalling and then loading in my older v11 configuration causes the issue.

Uninstalling and resinstalling without loading my backup configuration solves the problem. Something in my old configuration causes the right click drag to stop working.

If you want to send your configuration to crashdumps@gpsoft.com.au I can try it and see if I can work out what's going on.

Sorry to resurrect an old topic but I too was just suffering from the same issue of right click drag and drop not working after restoring a configuration. I managed to solve it by switching from details view to power view and back again.

Hopefully this might help others who experience similar problems as this was the first post that turned up from a google search and there was no solution.

I may have spoke too soon. It's back not allowing right click drag and drop again.

It sometimes means some other window which you dragged on to, or over, previously has not released the drag & drop object from the last time. Until it's released, the OS won't allow a new one to be created.

I'm not sure if there is a good way to find out which window/application is responsible, though.

Could be - I just exited completely and restarted and it is now working again. I'll keep trying to work out what might be causing it.

I know it's been a while, but here is a "me too". Everything looking like it's working fine. Left click and drag moves files just fine.

When I right click and drag files to another window though, the system acts like I never clicked. Nothing drags. I switch to power view, same difference. Switch back to detail, still no go. Go to Tools/Open in Explorer and can right click and drag same files to another Opus window, drop and get the expected menu. I then try right click drag again from Opus window, and magically works again. Refresh (F5) Opus and ... doesn't work again.

WinVer: 21H2 (OS Build 19044.1469)
DirOpus: 12.26